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Behavioral analysis and counseling

 Behavioral Analysis & Counseling

My mission is to help children with problem behaviors, emotional challenges, academic struggles, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, and autism, build their own strengths to meet their personal goals.  I use a combination of tools in my practice including behavioral, art, playtime, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Early intervention helps toddlers and preschoolers to catch up in their development. It also prevents children from engaging in problem behaviors and increases pro-social behaviors.

Delay in pivotal developmental skills and emotional challenges enhances challenging behaviors. Targeting these deficits and struggles is important when attempting to reduce problem behaviors.

Parent training is crucial for increasing adaptive and desired skills. Small changes in parents’ behavior have a profound effect on children’s learning and communication skills.

School Readiness increases childrens' attention and on-task behavior. I target skills such as prewriting, writing, mathematical concepts, reading, and reading comprehension. 

Social skills training empowers children to put into practice variety of social skills. It improves peer and family relations, and behavior in the community.  

School consultation assists teachers on behavioral analytic techniques to improve the adjustment of a child with learning differences into a classroom setting.

How Can We Help you?

In - Home Therapy

With in-home sessions, your child can get an enjoyable hands-on experience in your home. We provide in-home services to North Miami, Aventura, and South Broward.

In - School Therapy

With In-school therapy we work closely with teachers at school, and provide support to the children in their classrooms, as well as work on their social skills.

Online Therapy

With virtual sessions, we coach caregivers to work with their children at their homes. We also work directly with older children who are more independent. We create tailored lesson plans for each session.

Step Up Scholarship for Unique Abilities
Step Up Scholarship for Unique Abilities

“My son will soon be six years old, and Daniela has been the best therapist that has worked with him. She always brought her hard work and dedication. We are so thankful for having Daniela teaching our son...”


What are my clients saying?


How to contact me?

Fill out the contact form so we can talk about your behavioral counseling needs.

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