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Early Intervention

Early intervention has a direct effect on a child’s development. ABA therapy at an early age can help infants and toddlers with developmental challenges to learn many important skills and catch up in their development. It also prevents children from engaging in problem behaviors and increases pro-social behaviors.

The verbal behavior approach, based on the principles of applied behavioral analysis, is an effective method for helping children to communicate. By targeting other developmental skills, language and communication emerge. I generally see children with little verbal behavior start to babble, imitate sounds, imitate single words, request, and soon after use phrases.

I work with children 12 months and up who are experiencing communication and developmental delays, or who are diagnosed with autism. Sessions are carried out in their natural environment (in-home ABA therapy) using a combination of discrete trials, play therapy and incidental teaching. I teach children to play and communicate while targeting pivotal developmental skills.

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