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“Daniela came highly recommended to me from my pediatrician. She started working with my son who was diagnosed with ASD from when he was 20 months until he was 5 years old. I don’t know where my son would be today without her skill and dedication. Daniela was always reliable, thorough, and personally invested in my son’s progress and well-being! She would be an asset to any child’s development, but most especially for a child in need of extra help! And she was always there to help me along the way to lend an ear or give some mommy guidance. We are so grateful to have found and worked with her!”.


"Well what can I say in just a few words? Daniela has been seeing Chris since he was 3 years old, diagnosed with ASD, and we were uncertain of what his future would be like.  All I can say is she has been heaven sent. After so many years of Daniela providing Chris with at home and at school therapies, Chris is 11 years old now and thriving! He is getting minimal therapy because I just don’t want to let her go!. She has been our life saver and support through it all and I’m at ease with her seeing Chris even if it is just a little. Chris just entered 6th grade, he’s in a regular classroom, and living a normal- typical child life. Things have been bumpy at times but She has supported him through challenges and guided him through success. Daniela is not only a therapist but she has a special place in our family’s heart! She is absolutely amazing and I recommend her to anyone that is looking for someone for their child that is qualified and genuinely cares!."

“When my son was two years old, he was not communicating and was showing intense problem behaviors. Daniela started working with him and provided us behavioral therapy. She was always thinking of ways to motivate him with toys and activities. She invested herself and brought the best from him. Daniela taught him to play and to communicate. She helped us modified the intense problem behaviors our son was showing at that time. My son will soon be six years old, and Daniela has been the best early intervention therapist that has worked with him. She always brought her hard work and dedication. We are so thankful for having Daniela teaching our son."


"Daniela has changed our lives.  She began to see my son when he was still in diapers and provided early intervention ABA therapy.  Her dedication and her passion for her work have helped my son immensely.  Today he is 7 years old and his academic and social performance is exemplary."


"Daniela has worked with my son for almost 5 years. She is our Miracle Worker. With her early and consistent support, he is a thriving, happy child with few limitations. When she began he didn’t know the difference between a boy or girl, the names of rooms in our house or appliances in the kitchen. She has helped him to gain an understanding of the world around him and to respond to it without hitting or tossing things unpredictably. She brings not only her professional expertise but kindness, humor, patience and her special insight as a mother to every session. Words cannot express how much she has done for our family. We are eternally grateful."


"We are so blessed to have been introduced to Daniela. She immediately helped intervene with our situation. Our son was having challenges in an intangible way that even the school couldn’t pinpoint. Daniela went to observe him, and had such incredible feedback and suggestions personalized for our child, and a reinforcement plan to work on at home. She is still working one on one with him and is giving him unconditional and interpersonal guidance, love, support, and most importantly real hands-on life skills. We are extremely grateful to have someone like Daniela in our lives. She goes above and beyond, and we can tell this is true meaning and purpose to her. Not just another job and client. Her endless support to us as parents is truly rare! She’s a gem!!"


"Daniela began working with our son shortly after his second birthday. During the last six years, the advances our son had are amazing. He has exceeded all our expectations. This would have not been possible without Daniela's professionalism and patience. From the beginning she has been great. Our son's progress and needs are always placed first. She is constantly working on new goals for him and the best ways to achieve success. We have the utmost confidence in her abilities and would recommend her without hesitation."


"Daniela is amazing! I can’t say enough good things about her skill set in providing my daughter’s therapy. We saw results within the first week!! We couldn’t believe it and it’s all thanks to Daniela. My daughter is always so happy to see her when she walks in the door! Thanks to her working with us in our daughter's natural environment, we now know what techniques to practice and how to help achieve my daughter's goals. I can’t say enough good things about Daniela, she has such patience and you can tell she truly loves what she does. Thank you for all of the support and being such a bright light!"



"We are truly grateful for the job you have done mostly because our son also loves working with you and the palpable changes are rewarding to him. The fact that he is learning to be more self-aware and regulate his behavior is amazing. We were so right by hiring you to help our son again after providing him ABA therapy when he was a toddler."

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