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Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA)

The Family Empowerment Scholarship is a program designed to provide educational opportunities for students with unique abilities in Florida. It offers eligible families the option to customize their child's education by using state-allocated funds to pay for private school tuition, tutoring, therapy, curriculum materials, and other educational services. This scholarship aims to empower families in making educational choices that best meet their child's specific needs and help them thrive academically and personally.


 It can be used to pay for a variety of approved options that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Occupational therapy

  • Speech and language therapy​

  • Applied behavioral analysis

  • Technology

  • Curriculum

  • Instructional materials


For a comprehensive list of approved services and qualification requirements, please click here

To apply to FES-UA or formerly the Step Up for Students Gardiner Scholarship, please click here.

FES- UA qualifications
FES-UA application
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