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Function of problem behaviors

Problem Behavior Reduction

We often see that children experiencing delay in pivotal developmental skills will engage in challenging behaviors. Targeting these deficits or needed acquisition skills with early intervention ABA therapy is important when attempting to reduce problem behaviors.


The challenging behaviors can be so intense that getting your child to communicate or complete simple tasks seem impossible.  I believe that problem behavior reduction goes hand in hand with helping children improve different developmental skill areas.


The first step for problem behavior reduction is to learn more about it.  Home and school visits allow observing the child in their natural environment. In addition, caregivers’ report provides added value information about the setting, antecedents and probable consequences that are helping maintain the challenging behavior. A comprehensive Behavior Support Plan guides caregivers on a plan of action for decreasing challenging behaviors and increasing desirable ones.

What is maintaining the problem behavior?

Access attention - function of problem behavior

Access attention

Access activities - function of problem behaviors

Access activities

Access tangibles - function of problem behavior
Escape demands - function of problem behavior


Automatic reinforcement - function of problem behavior

Automatic Reinforcement

Access tangibles

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