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Play with Purpose!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Play with a purpose and make learning fun

I chose the slogan “Play With a Purpose” when I initially adventured myself on the path of helping children and their families as a Behavioral Therapist. Play is the #1 tool I use to teach the variety of skills children need to perform successfully in their daily lives.

Today, it's the first time that I will further expand on this topic. I see children ranging from 18 months to 12 years old. During a therapy session, it's common for me to ask the children or their families “tell me which games or toys you like playing with?”. Every time, I am hearing more answers like “I like playing video games”, “watching TV”, or “I have this game…" (which often is just one game or pretty much below their age & skill level).

I want to use this space to invite parents to learn more about their children’s developmental milestones and explore the immense variety of toys available. Toys are not just out there as a profitable business but are much needed to teach children a wide range of skills that will help them succeed at school. Please, take the time and ask yourself:

Does my child have age and skill-age-appropriate toys?

Do I play with my child a few times a week?, especially for younger children.

Do I read to or with my child every other night of the week?

Play With A Purpose is the most effective way to improve academic and behavioral performance.

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