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What Are Some Signs of Attention Deficit Challenges

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

As part of my practice, I offered school consultation to my clients. During the initial classroom visit, I commonly observed that students who experience attention deficits may engage in the following behaviors during schoolwork activities:

Attention Deficit Behaviors (ADHD)

Careless errors consists in students forgetting things like capitalizing letters when writing, leaving off punctuation, confusing who did what in reading comprehension, misreading words as similar words, failing to carry in large-number operations, misalignment of numbers in mathematical operations, among others.

Unfinished tasks consists in students not completing their assigned classwork due to requiring too much effort, insufficient time allotted as per their needs, excessive time spent off task, disinterest on work assigned, learned helplessness, punishment following completion (e.g., criticism or additional work given), unclear about instructions, among others.

Fail to follow instructions or respond consists in students failing to take or put away supplies instructed, failing to transition, fall behind with instructions, and appearing off task due to difficulty following instructions, not able to respond to learned questions.

Avoidance of sustained attention tasks consists in students starting their assigned work late (late response time), selectively omitting overwhelming portions of tasks, providing low-quality or unfinished work.

Disorganization and losing everyday items consists in students experiencing object organization challenges like organizing their work and belongings in the correct place, experience difficulty with idea organization or planning for task completion.

If your teacher reports that your child is experiencing some of the challenges listed above, I strongly recommend working with the teacher and your school to offer the assistance needed in the classroom, and starting with an initial classroom observation. Please feel free to contact me for further information by filling your information in my contact page.


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