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How Can Home-School Consistent Approach Help With Problem Behaviors

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

After working 1:1 with a child at home for a few months, I was asked to assess the child’s behavior at school. First, I would like to give some insight into my experience at home, and then the added value of school visits.

Since we started sessions at home a few months ago, the child made progress from engaging in repetitive problem behaviors to escape demands, to working for about 50 minutes with some attempts to escape demands during transitions and breaks. However, the compliance to demands is not consistent between settings or people.

I always wondered, while working at home, why the child consistently attempted to escape sitting at the table? Even when using very attractive material.

Today, I got my answer. As soon as I walked into the classroom, I was told that during circle time and oftentimes during tabletop activities, the child is allowed to go to the play area to prevent disruptive behaviors.

I would like to share two things in this post:

  1. When mainstreaming children with developmental challenges and problem behaviors with typical children, these children should be demanded to follow the same routine as their peers. My mantra will be “they should be following the same routine and demands as peers." Of course, with the support needed.

  2. School and homes visits are as important when dealing with children who exhibit problem behaviors. A comprehensive approach enhances success.

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